Rethinking the Mobile Web

Go grab a cup of coffee, in fact make a pot. Then, if you haven’t read Ethan Marcotte’s article on A List Apart detailing his Responsive Web Design technique using media queries do that first. Are you done? Need another pot of coffee? Okay, now sit down and enjoy this terrific slide presentation by Bryan Rieger on how we, as web designers, need to rethink our designs in the ever growing mobile world. And why Ethan’s article is a both on target and backawards at the same time.

Did I tell you this is a 140 slide presentation? Well worth the time and coffee invested [tip: use the menu in the bottom left to view fullscreen].

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I’m a big believer in our modern web trends like progressive enhancement and responsive web design, but is the web designer marketplace clamoring for a new service that allows you to reformat images for mobile devices? What problem does the new web service tinySrc solve? Don’t get me wrong, it’s a noble concept:

tinySrc is a fast, easy - and free - way to reformat graphics and images for mobile devices.

But why should I tie my sites to a service that is out of my control and that Ethan Marcotte’s fluid images + media queries can’t solve? It’s a head scratcher, and more to the point I’m fearful that many designers are getting too comfortable using services such as tinySrc,, et al which could one day stop providing free[1] bandwidth and leave a virtual dustbowl in their wake[2].

With that being said, please check out tinySrc, if nothing else than to help provide you with yet another reason why you should get off your backside and start supporting mobile devices.


  1. Lets be honest, there is no free lunch, beer or bandwidth. Someone is paying to keep a web service online, and while deep down we’d all love to think ads are a magic cash flow cure-all most of the time these services are a labor of love, and when the love runs out so does the service.
  2. Yes, I’m fully aware of the irony on display here by questioning the use of web services whilst using a Tumblr blog to deliver my links, articles, videos and quotes and cross posting to my Twitter account. But I’m right and you’re wrong ;-p

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